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Company Profile

After accumulating 30 years of import and export experience, Predrag Ljujic created Paneleven Ltd in July of 1994.

Paneleven conducts business primarily in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, opening these regions to our clients in spite of different cultures and business ethos.

Since 1994, Paneleven has expanded and we currently have offices in London-United Kingdom, Belgrade-Serbia , Podgorica - Montenegro, Banja Luka-Bosnia & Herzegovina and are planning to extend our office locations. We also have a wide network of business contacts throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Business Activities: We understand and deal with the difficulties that burden international business in these regions, including:

  1. 1. different business philosophies;
  2. 2. complicated bureaucracy and regulations; and
  3. 3. the need for a network of contacts to penetrate the markets.

Our company specialises in cross- border marketing, distribution, project and software development and integration establishing long term relationships with leading companies in the key markets within these regions.

Our knowledge of, and contacts in, the countries of former Yugoslavia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia enables us to provide a complete package of professional services required for placement of card solutions products in these regions.

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